Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Uyire Yen Kadhale - Full Song - Unnil Tholaindhein

Just another day in the studio, when a friend walks in with a story. "Let's do a movie, and you direct it". Having worked for 10 features by then in the capacity of a proxy director, I did fall for it. And so did I make my movie in Tamil - the first to have my name under the title.

Now, all ready for release, and with the trailers getting fairly well accepted, I decided to release a song in the movie online. Surprised indeed. 16k hits in 4 days flat was not what I had dreamed of. Here it is for all of you.

The song - Uyire Yen Kadhale. Composed by a newbie BR Rajin.

Just a request .... please share the video with your friends, on your social networks and all. And last but not the least, a comment is always welcome.