Sunday, October 27, 2013

The "My dear Kuttichatthan" trick

I was fascinated by the first 3D Indian movie - My Dear Kuttichatthan, brought to us by Appachan in Malayalam and then dubbed into almost all the languages you can think of. I was fascinated by how the kids happily walked on the walls and ceiling of a house, for a song. Several years later I was tutored by the great Appachan himself on how to shoot such scenes. It was simple - very simple indeed. Turn the camera sideways or upside down.

This technique has been used in more movies than you can imagine and still works as well or better than many CGI simulations. Need an actor to walk across the ceiling? Build a floor that looks like a ceiling and turn the camera upside down. Need a creature scuttling across the wall in defiance of gravity? Construct a floor that looks like a wall and turn the camera on its side.

Try it out today and explore how easy it is to cheat your mind.

See the song I am referring to at